VS VT VX VY VZ Security VATS Removal Suit Engine Conversion


At LSXtreme we offer the highest quality work available to retrofit your Commodore engine into a conversion application.

This Service is to send your Ecu or Memcal to our workshop and have the work performed to remove the security from your PCM or Memcal to get your engine up and running.
Aterantly we are able to supply a changeover for most applications.
(Please Contact us directly for change over items)

We can remove the security from the following ecu/memcal applications

  • VS V6, V6 Supercharged and S3 V8
  • VT V6 and V8 (5lt, LS1 and Supercharged V6)
  • VX V6 supercharged and LS1
  • VY V6 supercharged and LS1
  • VZ LS1
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