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At LsXtreme we are able to help out with your Holden Electrical Reprogramming needs.

We cater to most Holden vehicles from 2000 onwards.

We program, supply and also can install Holden vehicle modules including but not limited to Instruments Clusters, Radio Head Units, HVAC modules, Engine and Body control modules.

We also Unlock Tuner Locked GM ECU’s that have been tuned by aftermarket software’s to make them usable for the next tuner.

Security removal on VT-VF V6 and V8 ecus for conversions into other vehicles.

Holden VE Series 1 to Series 2 IQ Conversions

We offer VE Commodore Infotainment upgrades utilizing the Holden IQ system as fitted to the Series2 VE models to retro fit these into the Series1 VE Commodore, Pontiac G8 And Chevrolet Lumina models providing a newer more stylish look along with USB / Aux connectivity, Bluetooth music streaming and Bluetooth hands free phone capability.

Reprogramming Services

Whether your upgrading instrument clusters, changing radios or performing an engine conversion, we have you covered!

We provide a variety of reprogramming solutions which can allow interfacing new/used modules, completely custom re-flashing or even activating new custom features!

ECU Tuner Lock Removal 
Security Removal Service

Our unlocking service is for all LS1, E38, E40 & E67 Tuner locked ECU’s.
This service is for you to send your ECU to us directly, we can then obtain the code from within the unit itself to unlock the ECU and reset the code back to a factory GM key to enable tuning software (ie. EFI Live and HP Tuners) to be able to read the ECU file allowing custom editing to be done.
(We are able to retain the tune file already in place or if requested we can reset the ECU back to a factory tune file)

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Vehicle Code Checking
Electrical Diagnosis

At Lsxtreme we have all the latest GM and Holden Tools
From Scan tools to Special tools for specific Holden vehicles.
We can Scan, Diagnose and Repair your Holden all in house at our Workshop.

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