VE Series 2 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


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Our VE Series 2 TPMS Kit allows viewing live tyre pressures through a graphical display on your instrument cluster. The kit helps maximize tyre life and performance by ensuring all pressures are ok, as well as protecting your wheels from damage from slow leaks.

The four TPMS sensors provided are completely new, fully tested and pre-linked to the RFA module (Black box) along with linked with a  Key FOB (Locks/unlocks your car). This means the entire kit is completely plug’n’play, and only requires having the sensors fitted to your wheels.

Included in this kit is:

  • 4x New TPMS Sensors (Tested and linked to RFA)
  • 1x Programmed RFA (To suit Sedan, Wagon, Ute)
  • 1x Key FOB (Linked to RFA)
  • 1x Flash box (Enables TPMS in VE Cluster

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