VE/WM Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM/ABS) Programming


Holden VE Commodore ABS/EBCM Brake Control Module Programming Service.

This Service is to send us a secondhand brake control module to change the VIN only to match your vehicles VIN.

We can also Program the module with the correct calibrations to suit your vehicle if the module sent in does not have the correct calibrations to suit your vehicle.

If an incorrectly calibrated module is fitted it will have ABS and traction lights illuminated on the instrument cluster.

If the module supplied is incompatible with your vehicle we do have a range of secondhand modules available as a changeover if required, POA.


Only the Black module part is to be sent in, if the silver pump section is also sent in, extra postage will be charged.


Additional information

Programming Required

VIN Only, VIN and Calibrations