VE E1 E2 E3 HSV Gauge Module Harness


HSV E1 / E2 / E3 Dash Harness to Gauge Module Harness

These are Brand New Harnesses to plug into the Dash of E1 / E2 / E3 Vehicles,

In E1 and E2 vehicles these have yellow wiring on all wires and cannot withstand heat very well, once the gauges are removed from the vehicle these harnesses get brittle and the wiring becomes exposed, once exposed the wiring touches other wires and can short out and either pop a fuse, destroy the gauge module or gauges.


These are also required when retro fitting gauges HSV Binnacle into a NON HSV vehicle.

If you are retro fitting Gauges into a Non HSV Vehicle you will require one of our Wire in harnesses to plug into this harness available on this link: HSV Wire in Harness

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