RG Colorado Body Control Module (BCM) Programming


RG Colorado Body Control Module (BCM) Programming

This service is to send your old BCM in along with a secondhand BCM to have the secondhand BCM programmed to the same as your Original BCM.

The BCM will come back to you to plug straight back in, no extra programming required.

Common faults we have seen with these are:

  • Ignition key locked in barrel, cannot be removed.
  • Brake lights are not operating.
  • Indicators are not operating.
  • Transmission shifter locked in park, won’t release.
  • Courtesy lights won’t operate.
  • Park/Tail lamps inoperative.

Service is a Same/Next business day turnaround.

We also do the service for Commodore/Barina/Trax/Cruze models with similar style BCM.


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