JH Mylink Cruze Reverse Camera Kit


Our 170 Degree View Adjustable Angle Reverse Camera kits are for all 2014 onwards Cruze Mylink equipped vehicles.

NOW with Dynamic Guidelines!!! (Guidelines curve when turning the steering wheel)

Dont put up with not being able to see behind the vehicle when reversing, The most common child incidents at home are from Children playing or collecting toys from behind vehicles, with our premium reverse camera kit fitted you can feel secure that you will be able to see them!

Our kit contains no aftermarket auxiliary modules plugged in to cause any issues and is all programmed to factory standard via the Mylink.

High Quality Camera
170 Degree View

We can install this at our workshop or you can install at home, the head unit will be required to be sent to us to program the reverse camera into it or we can supply a replacement headunit box programmed as a changeover with your radio box.

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Additional information

Programming Option

Send in your original Radio Box, Changeover Radio Box supplied