GM E67 (VF LSA) ECU Outright Purchase


GM E67 ECU with standard GM tune file loaded.

You will need to advise on purchase your VIN Number to program the correct Operating System and Calibrations.

These ECU’s are fitted to HSV VF LSA 6.2Lt Supercharged Models.

Programming options are as follows

Calibrations Only – We will program the Calibrations to suit your vehicle, This WILL NOT  allow the car to start you will need a Holden Service Outlet to program to your vehicle and reprogram the keys.

Clone – We will copy your existing Security data and key data from the OLD module supplied to the new module and program to suit your vehicle, this will come back to you plug and play, and this will allow you to start and run your vehicle without taking it to another shop.

Security Link – This will program your module set together (We will either require the vehicle or ALL vehicle modules to be present, ALL keys to be present also, If someone has previously attempted a repair and lost all data you may be up for extra costs)

Conversion – This will be setup for the application as discussed with Security and basic items disabled in order to start your conversion. (It will still require tweaks once you have it up and running by a tune shop)


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