E39 / E39A V6 VE-VF Tuner Locked ECU Unlocking


Our service is for you to send your ecu to us so we can obtain the code from within the ecu and unlock the ecu.

We then reset your code to a factory GM key to enable tuning software (ie. EFI Live and HP Tuners) to be able to read the ECU file allowing custom editing to be done!

We also advise yourself of what program the ecu has been tuned with so you dont have any hassles trying to use the incorrect software to
retune the ecu!

If you have purchased a second hand ECU, or would like to purchase a second ECU with different diff ratio tuned into it etc We are able to duplicate your tune file to the new ECU.

Dont be Fooled! Other Sellers say they can get your key but are then unable able to reset it to a factory GM key! we do not have this issue.

What is ECU Unlocking?
ECU Unlocking is the process of unlocking a Tuner locked ECU.
This is done using software to get the correct Key combo required for unlocking the ECU for use with commercial tuning software.

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