LS 58x to 24x Cam and Crank Adapter Module


The Lingenfelter TRG-002 module allows Gen IV GM V8 engines with the 58x crankshaft trigger or reluctor wheel and the 4x camshaft timing gear to be installed in earlier vehicles designed to accept the 24x crankshaft trigger wheel and the 1x camshaft trigger wheel without having to take the engine apart to change the cam timing gear or the crankshaft reluctor wheel.

This module is only designed for a newer engine with a 58x crankshaft trigger wheel going into an older 24x vehicle. It will not convert the 24x crankshaft trigger signal to a 58x crankshaft trigger signal and no module exists to do this. You must physically change the reluctors in the engine.

The Lingenfelter TRG-002 is a plug-and-play design that connects directly to your existing wiring harness and to the factory engine sensors and has its own power source harness. Some early Gen IV V8 engine equipped vehicles that will need a camshaft sensor extension harness.

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